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How To Spell Better In 5 Steps

Poor spelling plagues some people forever, and really there is no excuse. With a little effort and dedication , you can improve your spelling within a few weeks. Follow these essential tips for a pathway to spot-on spelling!

1. Read, Read, Read…

First and foremost you need to start reading. Reading and spelling are intrinsically linked and it is impossible to be a good speller without being a regular reader.

2. Expose Yourself to a Variety of Text

Vary the text you read to heighten your exposure to a variety of spellings. Read newspapers, novels, blogs, even billboards to help your brain memorize spelling patterns.

3. Write Every Day

Writing every day with exponentially improve your spelling. Set aside at least 15 minutes writing time a day to practice writing difficult words you have trouble spelling.

4. Play Spelling Games With Friends and Family

Make spelling fun by playing spelling games > I made up a fun spelling game you can try here.

5. Familiarize yourself with traditional spelling rules such as:

    • “i before e except after c”
    • “The letter y preceded by a consonant changes to i before a suffix”
    • “Most words drop the final silent e before a suffix beginning with a vowel”
    • “When adding a suffix to a word that ends with a single consonant after a single vowel and stressing the last syllable in the pronunciation of the word, the final consonant is doubled.”