Hi there!

My name’s Jennifer Frost. I’m the mother of 1 cheeky girl and 1 naughty boy (3 and 5 years young), currently living in Thailand, and working as a private English teacher and tutor.

My husband is a programmer and he was so kind to create this grammar and spell check website for me and my students here in Thailand.

It offers a free, safe, and secure online tool to proofread any English text with a simple “Copy & Paste”; this was the basic idea from the start: to keep it free and simple to use.

We do not save any text you enter, nor do we keep log files. All texts get processed instantly and deleted immediately after processing your text.

I hope you enjoy this website and I wish you a “happy text checking”!

Questions? Suggestions? Worries?

Feel free to send me an email to the following address:
email address