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Site vs Sight

PC spell checkers catch words that spell no word at all but let slip homonyms like site/sight. Computers are good but not great like the human brain when it comes to spotting errors, and the problem with homonyms like site/sight is that they don’t jump out at you when proofreading your work. Often bother versions of the usage can make sense, therefore making it harder to spot the mistake, for example; “tourist sight” or “tourist site.” To make sure you don’t embarrass yourself with these two often confused homonyms, let’s define each one with examples:

Site is an area, a piece of ground, a place. An easy way to remember this in the modern day is to think of the word “website.” A website is a place on the web, a “site” located in cyberworld.

  • A prehistoric site where Dinosaurs roamed
  • This is the site where the castle once stood
  • I am going to the work site in the morning
  • This site is perfect for building a house 

Sight is the sense of vision, or something seen. An easy way to remember this is to think of the word “eyesight”. Eyesight is vision, to see.

  • He lost his sight at an early age
  • Keep the enemy in sight
  • She is a sight for sore eyes (a pleasant sight)
  • Lawrence went over the hill, into the woods, and out of sight