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Spelling Double Letter Words

I was sent an email recently with the word dumbbell spelt “dumbbell,” which made me think I should produce a list on the site for all those difficult words that leave people confused as to whether it should be a single or double letter.

The list started to grow and grow, to the point where I thought; actually, I will categorize the spellings into two lists. The first list contains words people try to spell with too few letters. The second list contains words that have double letters but not as many as people think.

Words people try to spell with too few letters

  • broccoli
  • occasionally
  • questionnaire
  • coolly
  • dissipate
  • difference
  • generally
  • incidentally
  • magically
  • success
  • balloon
  • dumbbell
  • embarrass
  • millennium
  • misspell
  • occurrence
  • possession

Words that have double letters, but not as many as people think 

  • disappoint
  • finally
  • fulfill
  • necessary
  • occasion
  • occurred
  • parallel
  • sheriff
  • tomorrow
  • deterrence
  • harass
  • personnel
  • recommend
  • referred
  • disappear


NB: Occasionally there will be words spelt differently in British English. For example, labeled becomes labelled. Therefore you need to be aware of the language your spell detector is picking up.